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Call it like you want : macros, scripts, actions ; the interest of this page is to get possibility with 3 or 4 clicks to replace tens of handlings.
These files gets type ".atn", place it in the directory /PHOTOSHP/SCRIPTS and load it by the SCRIPTS WINDOW (don't forget to display the "scripts window").
Sometime, take care at the "save transparents areas" option which can constrict the performance of some actions.
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Before : Active selection on background or filled layer.
Select " DEMARRER 3DText " and launch, then, when the script stop, select one of the options below and relaunch the script.
Bevel-Inner Flat
Bevel-Outer Flat
Carve-Inner Flat
Carve-Outer Flat
Special-Carved Bevel
Special-Bevelled Carve
When the script stop again, launch " FINALISER "

Download 3dtext.atn
White background, black text on layer, select the text layer, no active selection

Download baseball.atn
On background or filled layer, active selection of the black text

Download ice.atn
Select text layer, no active selection, take care that the transparency is not preserved.

Download bend.atn
(Bend Me, Baby !)
Text on transparent layer, active selection of the text, take care that the transparency is not preserved.

Choose one of the action below :
Soft Emboss
Starfield (on background or filled layer)
Create a "space" atmosphere
Smoke (needs a contrast increase when script finished)

Download pack01.atn

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