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Speed Limit 80 km/h

Minimal Distance with the Previous Vehicule 70 m

No Overtaking

No Entry for All Vehicules

No Entry for Vehicule + 10 m Long and +3,5 t Weight

Limited Height 3,50 m

Limited Width 2,30 m

No Entry for Farming Vehicules

No Entry for Articulated Vehicules

No Hooter Use

No Entry for Goods Vehicules + 3,50 t

No Entry for Passengers Transport Vehicules

No Entry for Light Vehicules (-3,5 t)

No Entry for Human Traction Vehicules

No Entry for Cycles

No Entry for Pedestrians

No Entry for Horse-Drawn Vehicules

No Overtaking for Goods Vehicules + 3,50 t

No Entry for Vehicule which one of his weight axle is upper 6,50 t

No Parking

No Parking

No Stop

No Straight Line

No Right or Left Turn

No Left Turn

No Right Turn

No Parking on 2 Sides

No Entry

No Entry for Polluting Substances Transport Vehicules

No Entry for Explosion Hazard Transport Vehicule

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