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1948 - "Hertz" already gets 275 agencies in USA Hertz
2002 - In the present advertisings, the product is completely unknown, like here with "Audi" Audi
"Whizzer", a "Pontiac" subsidiary company manufactured a kind of moped with central angine Whizzer
In the 70', "Opel" (General Motor at the time) launch his 2 doors sport "GT" Opel GT
1969 - Launching of the "Buick GS400", one of the best selling of this brand Buick GS 400
"CitroŽn" too tried to establish the american market, only Japaneses and Germans brands succeed to make a name Citroen DS
1951 - "Auto Accessories Company" suggested a kit to install a wheel rack on the back chest for 79,50 $ Auto Accessories Company
1948 - "General Squeegee Tire", ties with white flanks typical from this time General Squeegee Tire
In the 80', "Jeep" is now powered by "Chrysler" Jeep Chrysler
"FIAT" cabriolet, definitively, Italians can't sell a car without show a babe FIAT
En 1975, "MG" feast his 50th birthday MG
July 1928, in this advertising editing in the "Country Gentleman", an american publishing intended to farmers, "Fisk Tire", a heavy truck manufacturer, ask we get into the habit of his products. Rare Fisk Tire
"STP", a lubricant manufacturer, dwell on his sportive side STP lubrifiants
Cartoon style for this "Dodge Adventurer", Yeeeeeeeee Ha...Draulin' Draulin' Draulin' Dodge Adventurer
"Chappy" from "Yamaha", at the down end of the advertising, it's stipulated that this vehicule is illegal in some states (USA), who know why ? Yamaha Chappy
Octobre 1944 - Bendix ťquipait toutes sortes de vťhicules Bendix
"Renault" never been successful with advertising, we remember publicity drive named "La Poire" for the "renault 14" that been a real fiasco, this one for the "Renault 16" is no more attractive Renault 16
2003 - Toyota find a slogan for his "Yaris" automatic gear box Toyota Yaris
1945 - Zenith launch the "foot control" car radio Zenith
What is the message in this present advertising from "Audi" ? Audi
1980 - "Toyota" launch his "Celica USGP" limited serie on the american market Toyota
Sporting competition sponsoring is usual in automobile industry, here "Igol" support the formule 3 french championship Igol
Today "Peugeot" is always on the "2 wheels" market Peugeot
1962 - a "Cox" never breakdown Volkswagen
The performance of this "CitroŽn" "Rosalie" was impressive Citroen Rosalie
1984 - "Renault Fuego" Renault Fuego
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